Motorola's Moto G LTE Gets some CyanogenMod 11 Goodness in the Form of Nightlies

Cyanogenmod 11 Logo AH 1

The orginal Motorola Moto G (3G) has been the darling of the budget handset market, and its updated sibling , the slightly more expensive Moto G LTE with its Micro-SD card, is no different. It was just a few days ago that the 3G version received some attention from CyanogenMod, so it should come as no surprise that the LTE version is also getting some official CyanogenMod 11 (CM11) KitKat 4.4.4 goodness in the form of Nightlies. CM11 for the Moto G LTE is being maintained by Somcom3X, and it has to be said that so far he is doing a bang-up-job, the first iteration was only released on August 27th, and he has been bug-hunting ever since with some support from users in the support thread.

Even though the Moto G LTE is already running an up-to-date version of Android version 4.4 KitKat, there are those among us that like to tinker with their phones. This can take the form of rooting their devices, installing the Xposed modifications, or the more extreme step of flashing a custom rom onto their phone to experience a different software . Cyanogen is probably the most popular custom roms that is available, and definitely one of the most user-friendly.

As with all custom roms though, there are almost always issues to consider when flashing new software on to your daily driver. In this case, the known bugs include a Low RAM issue, whereby after around 24 hours an unknown process uses all the RAM until the device is reset and the rom reflashed. There are a couple of connectivity issues as well with the Moto G LTE not connecting to certain router securities, and the device’s GPS requiring a Signal lock from stock to function properly. So its not quite ready for Prime-Time, but then, with it being a CM11 nightly, you knew that anyway, didn’t you?

So theres a couple of inconvenient bugs, if you are the tinkering type, this probably won’t dissuade you from installing CM11 on your Moto G LTE. But if you are using the device as your daily driver, it’s probably best to adopt a wait and see attitude for the present time. If you plan on installing the CM11 nightly on your Moto G LTE, click the source link to get the download, and share your experience in the comments below or at our Google Plus page.