Motorola Migrate Helps Smartphones Pull Information From 'Dumbphones'

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Every Android user knows that after using Android for the first time, its easy to get a new phone. This is because Android makes it easy to move contacts, apps, and in some cases settings from the old phone to the new phone. Still, Motorola has Motorola Migrate, an app that moves over contacts, text messages, pictures and anything else you find to be important to a new Motorola device. Now, after an update, Motorola Migrate can transfer via Bluetooth from a “dumb phone” to a Motorola smartphone.

Apps like Motorola Migrate come in handy when switching from devices running an OS that’s not Android to a Motorola Android device. For example, when someone makes the jump to Android from the iPhone, and decide to get a Motorola device, they can simply download Motorola Migrate on their new device and pull all the important things down from the iCloud. While that saves a lot of headaches from making the jump, there were other issues, believe it or not.

There are those consumers out there who are still using “dumbphones” which are cell phones as we knew them before the great smartening. Motorola aims to help people make the jump from “dumbphones” to smartphones by allowing Motorola Migration to transfer information via Bluetooth even in these cases. According to the update information, all you need to do, is download and open Motorola Migrate on your new Motorola device. Once inside the app, just select “other old phone type,” make sure the Bluetooth option is turned on with the older device. Then find and pair the two devices via Bluetooth-that’s it. Motorola will automatically gather the necessary information and bring it into your brand new Motorola smartphone.

Motorola seems to be relying on avid or common users of smartphones, to assist their friends or family members in making this jump. Though if you’ve a family member that is planning on getting a smartphone, and you want to help them with this process, there are only certain Motorola devices this special transfer will work with. The list of Motorola devices consists of the Moto X, Moto G, Droid Ultra, Maxx and Mini. Surely the process will work with the newly released Moto X and Moto G second generation.

Tell us, do you have any friends or family members still using a “dumbphone”? Do you think this would help them make the jump to a smartphone? Let us know down below or on our G+ page.