Motorola Announce Previous Moto X Devices Will Also Get All New Software Features


So far the week has been an extremely busy one with Samsung's Unpacked event kicking things off by launching the Note 4 (two versions by the way) among a host of other releases. This was quickly followed by the start of IFA in Berlin and also Motorola's launch event in Chicago. Now, the Motorola event was a big one as this included the release of the highly awaited Moto 360 smartwatch. We have also known for a while that Motorola were also going to launch newer versions of both the Moto X and G smartphones although this was largely covered from the limelight by the Moto 360. Now that the launch is over and the devices released, the Moto X is starting to attract the attention it deserves in its own right.

In case you missed the earlier reports here is a quick recap on the Moto X. The device contains a larger (than its predecessor) 5.2" screen (4.7" previously). This also results in a greater screen resolution with an increase from 720p to 1080p. In addition, the new X contains the Snapdragon 801 processor (clocking at 2.5 GHz). Unfortunately, the RAM has not changed from the previous model with the new X still containing 2GB and the internal memory has not changed with only 16GB and 32GB variants offered. Both lack external memory ability. The only other notable improvements are in the camera department with an upgrade from the previous 10MP camera to a 13MP and also the inclusion of a metal frame (which everyone seems to be doing this year) compared to the previous X's plastic design.


However what has caught the attention as much as the hardware changes were the software upgrades. The first is the change of Motorola's Touchless Control to what is now Moto Voice. This allows users to customize the prompts of the voice control and even set your own launch phrase which sounds quite neat. In addition, the new voice control offers across-app compatibility with support for YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp. There are also updates to a number of the other old features such as the Active Display, Assist and Alert and so on. With all this talk of the new and improved Moto X the current (now older) X users maybe feeling a little left out. Well not to worry too much as Motorola's Punit Soni has announced that all the new software changes and updates will be ported out to the current and exiting models. This means anyone already owning an X (probably Moto G and E too) will over the next few days see a massive update coming your way offering you all the features of the new devices. It is worth noting Punit does stipulate this is dependent on 'hardware allowing' which is probably more relevant to Moto G and E users than the current X users. Either way, you can expect big changes to your software over the next few days. Good to see Motorola are not forgetting about their current customers while basking in the glow of their new precious devices.

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