Moto X's With White Front Panels Delayed For 4 Weeks



Yesterday we wrote an article about how pre-ordered Moto X's were beginning to ship from AT&T and Motorola, and now today we learned that the device will also be on sale through Verizon beginning today. Unfortunately today we have to follow up that good news with some bad news. Currently, if you attempt to purchase a 2014 Moto X through MotoMaker you will see a message that reads "Orders with white front are on back order and will ship within 4 weeks." That's a 4 week delay folks, not good news for Motorola right now.

Luckily if you order any other type of 2014 Moto X it will not be delayed, it will still have the typical 12 day estimate to receive the device. Motorola has said that the reason behind the 4 week delay of the white front is due to "unexpected demand", something nobody really saw coming, apparently not even Motorola. Some users are even reporting that orders with white fronts placed before this ordeal are being affected by the delay, upsetting many customers.


What's so odd about this high-demand for the white front panels is that last years Moto X had a significantly higher demand for black panels over white ones. This just goes to show how the public's taste in the way their smartphone looks changes over time. Motorola has said that a similar situation happened to the grey Moto 360's, they were expecting the black variant to be in much higher demand when it was actually quite the opposite. This caused the grey Moto 360 to sell out much quicker than expected.

The guys over at PhoneArena are even saying that their 2014 Moto X they ordered 2 days before even the pre-ordering opened up is being delayed. This situation is pretty bad news for Motorola, a 4 week delay right in the middle of their new flagship phone launch. Last years Moto X didn't sell as well as Motorola anticipated, this years launch of the new Moto X was their chance to redeem themselves but this delay is definitely going to hurt. We really hope that Motorola can get things sorted out and maybe get Moto X's with white front panels shipping out earlier than 4 weeks so that this can end up being a great launch for the manufacturer.

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