Moto Maker Finally Heading to the UK by the End of September; Just in Time for the New Moto X



Yesterday, Motorola took wraps off of the new Moto X and Moto G, along with a pretty fancy smartwatch. Our own Alex Maxham was in attendance, and Moto Maker is back and it's even better. The metal rim around the edges of the new Moto X compliment the arrays of wood, different colored plastic and their different textures and works really quite with leather. For my fellow UK residents though, Moto Maker has been something we could only look upon with jealousy. That is, until now.


Motorola is finally, at long last, bringing Moto Maker to the UK. It'll be hitting the end of September, just in time for the new Moto X to hit shelves and while customizing and building your dream smartphone won't come to cheap, it's not exactly extortionate either. If you're looking for a 16GB model with whatever choices in plastic, then you're looking at £420, an extra £20 will get you a genuine wooden back in a range of bamboos and such. Moving into more exotic materials leather will cost you the same as wood, but for more storage, a 32GB model starts at £460 for plastic and moves up to £480 for leather or wood. This is pretty pricey, but for a device that ships to your door unlocked, this is still cheaper than say a Galaxy S5 or HTC One (M8) and this way you have a say in what accents your phone has, what material you hold in your hand and so on.

Earlier this year, Motorola bought Moto Maker to Germany, and we were all wondering where they would next take it and it seems the UK is that next stop. A Motorola spokesperson has said that Motorola will be shipping these devices from the US, where they're currently still built. Soon however, the Moto X's of the world will come from China, as Motorola moves their manufacturing to their new owner's, Lenovo's, homeland. So, how many UK residents are going to consider building their own Moto X?

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