Mophie Now Offers a 3,000 mAh Juice Pack for Samsung’s Galaxy S5

September 11, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson


Samsung’s flagship devices have always featured a removal battery pack, making it easy to swap out a spent battery for one with a lot more spring in its step while on the move, or you can really go for it on the battery front and purchase a ZeroLemon goliath. Of course, there are other alternatives and a battery case might be something that appeals to a lot of more casual users. That’s why Mophie, the company that has kept iPhones going on the move for a long time now, has just released their 3,000 mAh pack for the Galaxy S5. You might be wondering why you’d ever want a detachable battery case for a Samsung device when you could easily just replace the battery, and while that’s a matter of choice there are some benefits to be had here.

This case from Mophie will of course offer you a little more protection than letting your S5 go naked, and it also adds in about twice the amount of the original 2,800 mAh battery found in the Galaxy S5. the main draw however, would be the “take it or leave it” solution that the Juice Pack offers here. There’s no need to mess around turning the phone off, taking the cover off and swapping the battery out or even attaching a thicker back cover here. All you need to do is slid the case on to your Galaxy S5 and you’ve double the battery life of your phone. Of course, for $100, this convenience might not be that big a draw after all.

Still, it is nice to see a little more choice out there for those Galaxy S5 owners look to extend the battery life of their device without having to mess around with the removal cover. Whether or not Mophie’s Juice Pack is worth $100 is of course, up to you, but you can take a closer look at the gallery below and at the YouTube video above.