Metal Strapped Moto 360 is Ready to Pre-order on Verizon for $299

Motorola AH 2402

Motorola finally launched their Moto 360 smart watch last week, and it quickly sold out. Motorola’s take on Android Wear involves a round-face display, a leather strap from Chicago’s Horween Leather Company and a price of $249. Today we have news that Verizon have a pre-order page up-and-running for a slightly different version of the Moto 360.

How different I hear you ask? Well, different in two respects; cosmetics and price. For everyone that was waiting for a metal-strapped version of the Moto 360, you are in luck. From the picture on the pre-order page, the metal strap looks to complement the watch quite well, and its available in both silver and black varieties. It definitely appears to be a step up from the standard leather strap, adding character to the device in my opinion. For the privilege of owning a Moto 360 with a metal strap though, Verizon are asking for $299. So, a premium of $49 for a metal strap, thankfully Verizon aren’t charging for shipping.

For those of you that have already purchased the leather-strapped Moto 360 but would like to change over to the metal strap, it’s going to cost you $79 to buy the strap separately. There is a way around this, because the Moto 360 uses the standard 22mm strap width, so you can go to a watch shop and choose whichever strap takes your fancy. Naturally, Motorola don’t advise the use of 3rd-part straps because they may not complement the unique (round) design of the Moto 360.

If this is the news you’ve been waiting for before taking the plunge to buy a Moto 360, you should click here to go directly to the pre-order page on Verizon’s website where you will be able to choose between the black or light metal version. Verizon have said that they will begin shipping by November 11th, just 2 months away.

If you’ve already acquired a Moto 360, have you kept the original strap or changed over to one of your own choosing? Let us know how you have customised your Moto 360 in the comments below or at our Google Plus page. If you haven’t bought one yet, we should have a review of the Moto 360 appearing shortly to help you make an informed decision.