MediaTek Announces MediaTek Labs for Wearables Developers and the Internet of Things

September 22, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

This morning, MediaTek – who is a smaller mobile processor manufacturer that you usually see in cheaper devices – announced MediaTek Labs. Which is meant to get developers of the Internet of Things on board. As well as Wearable developers. Which seems to be the next wave of stuff. MediaTek Labs has all kinds of support for developers here including support, documentation and guidance for developers of all skill levels to build wearables and other connected devices with MediaTek Labs SDK and HDK – Hardware Development Kit. This platform is using the MT2502 chipset, and based on their LinkIt Development platform.

“With the launch of MediaTek Labs we’re opening up a new world of possibilities for everyone — from hobbyists and students through to professional developers and designers — to unleash their creativity and innovation,” says Marc Naddell, vice president of MediaTek Labs. “We believe that the innovation enabled by MediaTek Labs will drive the next wave of consumer gadgets and apps that will connect billions of things and people around the world.”

MediaTek says that it has a very competitive solution to the Internet of Things and that it’s now time to put it into action. So it’ll be interesting to see how this all pans out for MediaTek. MediaTek is excited to help developers bring Prototypes to market faster and easier than ever before.

Unfortunately, there’s only MediaTek’s processors available here. And we’ve had some grips about their open source-ness in the past as well as support for their processors. So hopefully that has improved since then. But it’s kind of hard to imagine so, as we haven’t heard anything about that. MediaTek’s chips aren’t terrible, but most Android geeks are going to hate it because they aren’t exactly open source like Qualcomm, NVIDIA and even Samsung’s Exynos. You can find out more on MediaTek Labs here.