Logitech's K480 Bluetooth Keyboard is a No-Brainer, Connects to Three Different Devices

Nowadays it is rare for an accessory to really grab consumer's attention. However, the new Bluetooth keyboard from Logitech just might be worth a second and even third look. Generally speaking, Bluetooth keyboards are all the same. Yes, some differ slightly, some come with a small flap which when extended elevates the keyboard into an optimal position but overall they are just Bluetooth keyboards. Slap in your tablet or phone, hit connect and start typing.

Well the Logitech K480 is a little bit different to the rest. Like the others the keyboard allows you to connect your tablet or smartphone however unlike the others this one allows you to connect BOTH your smatphone and tablet at the same time. I know what you are thinking. OK, it connects two devices simultaneously but then I will simply be typing the same thing on both the devices and what's the point of that? No. This handy little device comes with a small knob which by turning allows you to connect to any one of the devices. Oh wait, did I mention it will also connect to you laptop simultaneously to both your phone and tablet. Sorry about that. Yes, this will connect to all THREE of your devices at the same time and allow you to simply alternate between the devices by turning the knob. Sounds good? Yes, it does! The keyboard contains the typical dock layout which allows docking of either the tablet or smartphone and due to its multi-nature purpose allows docking of both your smartphone and tablet together as long as the size permits. To clarify, unfortunately there is a width limit to the device so you cannot not dock a 10" tablet and 6" phone at the same time although it does seem any tablets 8" and below will stow adequately with roughly a 5" phone. The docking station is Bluetooth operated, runs on AAA batteries and works with Windows, iOS and Android devices. In terms of size and weight the keyboard measures 310 x 41 x 201mm (HxWxD) and weights 1.03kg.

So what about the price? Well, this has not been officially released yet. The device was and is expected to be released in September in the US and Europe and the suggested price was expected to be $49.99 in the US and £29.99 in the UK. However,  we've noticed Curry's in the UK are already listing this device as available and in stock for £49.99. According to the Curry's listing the device is available for home delivery now or collection in store. So what do you guys think? Does it look interesting? Do you want it? Yes, you do!


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