LG To Release A 5.9" Phablet Featuring Company's Very Own Chipset

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We’ve seen some rumors going around about LG’s upcoming phablet dubbed LG G3 Pro. Not many details leaked, but rumors state that this will be a 5.9-inch tablet and that it will have an impressive screen to body ratio, same goes for its processor. It was rumored that the device will launch next month and might even be LG’s first device to sport a fingerprint scanner and 4GB of RAM. Please do note that these were only rumors and nothing more than that, so take all of this with a pinch of salt.

Now that we got that out of the way, we’re here to talk about a new report coming from China. It seems like LG is preparing to release its own processor. It was originally rumored that the aforementioned device could sport a Snapdragon 805 or something similar, but this new rumor claims the device will showcase LG’s new processor. There aren’t many details about the chip itself as of now, but this is quite interesting. LG is a huge company and they’re making some components for their devices and for other manufacturers, LCD panels that you see on their (and other) products are a good example. LG have been relying on Qualcomm Snapdragon processors lately and that’s been working out well for them, but it seems LG wants to enter the processor market.

MediaTek, (Qualcomm) Snapdragon and (Samsung) Exynos processor are currently leading the race as far as mobile processors go. Nvidia was around for a while with its Tegra 3 chip though that didn’t go all too well for the company, maybe they’ll have more luck with the Tegra K1 chip. Other than Samsung (Exynos) and Huawei (Kirin) I can’t think of a smartphone manufacturer which is making its own chips, at least not at the moment. This rumors is rather interesting and I can’t imagine Qualcomm being all too happy about this, if it’s true of course. MediaTek has been selling tons of their chips in China and if LG releases its own processor that could hurt Qualcomm’s profit. Do you think this is true, is LG really going to introduce company’s very own processor?