The LG G3 Vigor Will Also Be Heading To AT&T Sometime In The Near Future

Earlier we reported that Sprint would be offering up the mid-range little brother to the LG G3, the LG G3 Vigor, later this week on Friday, September 19th. The $299 handset with an off contract retail cost, actually offers up some pretty decent specs for a mid range phone and it brings along some of the great features of the LG G3 in hardware and software. Although the best parts are left out, it's still a decent choice for anyone looking to grab a new handset at a great price without having to completely forfeit on features and hardware. Sprint will not be the only carrier picking up the LG G3 Vigor though as AT&T has just announced publicly that they'll be carrying the device as well.

For AT&T, price and availability will be announced at a later date, so it seems that from the start this is one area where Sprint has them beat when concerning the LG G3 Vigor. Sprint has already said that customers will be able to purchase the Vigor in all major sales channels beginning Friday, and we already know that customers will have to pay a maximum of $299 to grab the phone. Despite this lack of information on when AT&T customers will be able to do the same as those at Sprint looking to grab this device, chances are that AT&T won't be charging much of a different cost, if any, from Sprint for the Vigor. It's likely although not confirmed or stated, that AT&T will offer the Vigor for $299 or around that price when they launch it.

What isn't really known is if the date will fall close to Sprint's release of the Vigor, or if AT&T will end up making their customer wait a little longer. As we stated in our previous article about Sprint picking up this device, the Vigor will sport a 5-inch IPS display with a 720p resolution, and instead of the 3GB of RAM seen on the LG G3, it'll have 1GB at its disposal. It's also letting go of the 13MP camera and picks up an 8MP rear shooter instead, although it does keep the laser auto-focus so users will be able to more quickly and accurately focus on the subjects in their pictures. For anyone interested in picking this up on AT&T's network, the Vigor will support AT&T HD voice, so consumers will get crystal clear calls, presumably, as that all depends on your area of course. Are any AT&T fans grabbing the Vigor when launched?

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