Lenovo Plans For An Expansion Into Eight New Countries In Europe By The 2015

Lenovo N20p chromebook AH 7

While Lenovo may be one of the biggest players in the Chinese market for smartphones, they are seeking an expansion into various European regions, with a plan to expand into 8 new countries in Europe over the next few months. This planned expansion could be the start of seeing Lenovo further west when it comes to their smartphone products, for now though we’ll focus on where they’re looking to breach the European market. As it stands they have plans to begin selling phones sometime between the end of this month and next month, in the countries of Turkey, Greece, Slovakia, Hungary, and Bulgaria.

That is the first wave of countries they want to expand into, but Lenovo also already sells phones in two European countries, with Romania and Czech Republic being those two. Around the times of November and December, Lenovo is looking to expand into three more European countries to round out the total number of 10, with the countries of Poland, Slovenia, and Croatia. Lenovo’s ultimate goal here is expansion on a more global scale, but of course they’ll have to start small before they reach the masses like larger companies such as Samsung and LG, who typically sell their phones in over 100 different countries around the globe.

Lenovo has a plan of attack for the European market, with already having contacted local telecom providers in each of those countries as well as retailers so that they can gain as much exposure as humanly possible. In doing all of this Lenovo is committing to gaining no less than a five percent marketshare within a six month period of when they start selling to all of the countries listed above. After they reach the one year mark, they are confident that they will have attained a marketshare with a number in the double digits, so presumably at least ten percent or maybe more. If Lenovo sees success in those areas there is a chance that it will open up the door and pave the way for other similar brands to expand into those areas as well, or at least convince them to attempt at doing so. Although this doesn’t really have much weight with us here in the U.S., perhaps it’s hope that we’ll see some of Lenovo’s expansion stateside in the near future.