Here Is The LED Flip Wallet For The Galaxy Note 4

We finally get to see it, Samsung's new case for the newly announced Galaxy Note 4. If you have a look at the image above you'll see that case looks very similar and even possesses similar use cases to HTC's DotView case. These two cases along with LG's newest case offering, the QuickCircle case for the G3, really show us how quickly cases are becoming smarter. So without further ado, lets take a look at what Samsung's LED Flip Wallet case has to offer.

If you have owned a recent Galaxy S device, especially the S5, then this LED Flip Wallet case will seem immediately familiar to you. The case is applied in the same way, by replacing the back cover of the device with the case. Once the case is applied to the Note 4 you can flip it closed just like the Galaxy S cases, leaving the top, right, and bottom edges of the phone exposed, but covering the rest. At first all there seems to be on the front-side of the case is the Galaxy Note 4 logo but then something magical happens, the LED's light up and make the case come to life in a way. How this works is different than the way that the HTC DotView case works, which was by exposing small holes all across the front of the case and then lighting up certain parts of the screen to create letters and shapes. Samsung's LED Flip Wallet case actually takes advantage of small LED's embedded in the front of the case while the entire screen under it stays completely powered off. Some of the cases that were on display at IFA were able to display music playback, volume levels, battery levels, emails counts, and of course, the current time. These can all be very useful features.

As of now not much else is known about these mysterious LED Flip Wallet cases. We have many questions that we would like answered such as, will the cases only support Samsung-made apps, or will there be an opportunity for developers to have their apps display information on the cases as well.

From what has been shown to the public, these cases definitely seem pretty neat and would be a cool thing to show to your friends. But is there going to be enough value there for the regular consumer to want to spend what will surely be somewhere over $50 to get this case, especially when they are already going to be buying the very expensive Note 4 itself. Let us know what you guys think in the comments below.


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