The Latest Android L Preview References "LMP" Yet Again And Brings Some UI Tweaks

Android L is getting closer and closer as we move into the Fall, and with it we can expect plenty of awesome new goodies added into the software, not the least of which is the new look we should expect to see once the software drops, known simply as Material Design. Although there is still no official word as to when we exactly Android L will drop or when existing Nexus devices that are scheduled to get the update to it will receive their version builds, we do know that the software version release of L is not too far off though.

Recently there have been lots of speculations as to what the next version of Android will be called, and like anyone who is excited about something that they love we have participated in the speculation as to what it might be. The latest and probably the most likely name is Lemon Meringue Pie, although others have speculated that it could also be Lollipop, Lollypop, Lemon Head, and there have been a couple others. There have been a couple of references to the letters "LMP" in one build version of Android L, which as a first for the Android operating system was released as a preview build for developers and the public this year. We have already began to see some of what the UI changes might bring to the ecosystem and the design of the OS as a whole thanks to some of the apps already getting a jump start on updating their UI to be prepared for the software jump, but thanks to these new screenshots from Android Police of the most recent build of L, we can see some other UI changes that are taking place in the actual sysytem UI itself. They might be minor, but subtle changes like these are paving the way for bigger stuff to come.

The first and most noticeable change(at least to us)was the toggle buttons that you see for things like WiFi and Bluetooth in the settings menu. As you can see from the screenshot below, the toggle has been updated from the simple line with the dot that moves from left to right when transitioning between on and off, to one that looks like a actual toggle switch, giving the design of this one simple aspect a little more depth to it. Other obvious changes as pointed out by Android Police are the icons which denote and display what type of devices that are connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, whether it be a Bluetooth headset, another phone, or even a Chromebook. As it stands right now, paired devices are simply listed with the name of the device and are not accompanied by an icon. Other changes bring the overall design of L(at least for this build as changes could be made again once the final build is released to the public)into a more cohesive state, matching up the "gear" icons that are used to indicate settings in the screenshot with the overall design color of the L preview build instead of using black.

The last couple changes worth noting are that Google has changed the look of the icon for Gmail that sits up in the status bar. While everything up until this latest build has been a single envelope, Google seems to be shifting towards the appearance of multiple stacked envelopes when you have more than one unread email. Most importantly which we kind of touched on above is that in the latest Android L preview build the letters "LMP" have shown up yet again, which suggests that the next Android version will be called Lemon Meringue Pie, or possibly Lime Meringue Pie, although Google could of course change this at their leisure as they did with Key Lime Pie before, having been changed to Kit Kat in the end. Some of you running the L preview may be seeing these changes if you're updating to the latest build, for the rest of us, we'll just have to wait till things are official.

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