Jabra Introduces The Move Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones For $99

September 5, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Wireless Bluetooth headphones aren’t exactly in low supply. There are many to choose from and although choice gives you the opportunity to find the absolute perfect pair, sometimes choosing can be a little harder than you think. If choice is something you revel in however than we can help you with that as Jabra has just announced a new set of Bluetooth wireless headphones that just might fit your needs. They’re over the ear, and provide wireless audio for music and phone calls. These new headphones are called the Jabra Move and come in a variety of colors and should provide you with immersive sound so that you hear everything you want to hear in that last track, but without being tied down by wires.

What Jabra was going for here was mixing the benefit of audio expertise for music lovers with the beauty of Scandinavian  design. Just by looking at the Move you can see the clean lines and minimalist style of the entire headset. To add more to the design aspect, Jabra has made the headset available in three different colors so that consumers have a choice as which one fits them best, to grab the ones that resonates most with their personal style. The Move comes in Cobalt, Cayenne, and Coal, with angled earcups and a healthy amount of cushioning to provide a good amount of comfort. The headband is touted as lightweight according to Jabra, which should help keep the headset from weighing down on you when you wear it and potentially shifting position.

Although these are wireless headphones and are meant to be used as such, Jabra has included an optional cord accessory that can be used in times where wireless Bluetooth may not be the best option, like on flights for example. The battery life on the Move boasts up to 12 days of standby time, and up to 8 hours of talk time or music time, or a mixture of both. Battery life of course may vary a little depending on how you use it. Right now the Jabra Move isn’t quite ready for purchase, but it is available for pre-order as of now, and you can find the headphones on Jabra’s own website, or on Amazon which might suit the Prime members just fine. You’ll also be able to pick these up at Fry’s once they officially launch later this month. The Move will set you back $99, is anyone going to give these a try?