Intel's Dev Story/ Hack The Code App wants You to Develop New Levels For It

By now, everyone is fairly familiar with Intel's branching out in to the wonderful world of Android, with their Atom processors providing the muscle for a variety of different smart phones and tablets. It may surprise you, but Intel are also dabbling in software development. Intel has come up with a novel way of getting the community involved by developing an Android App called Dev Story/ Hack The Code that tells the story of developing an app through its various stages to completion.

First, a little bit about the actual application. The basic story is of a developer beginning their career by working at home in the basement to progressing to the big leagues and raking the cash in. There are more than a few nods to the difficulties that developers face in their chosen career path. Dev Story/ Hack The Code involves completing tasks and mini-challenges in three levels. The tasks range from moving a tiny figure around the screen around with your finger to catch gobble up funny little icons to sorting symbols into their correct paths as seen in the image below. Its a weirdly interesting game, and has something about it. Despite not having a coding background, I found that it kept me interested and had a similar frustrating quality as the notorious Flappy Birds game.

But the main purpose of the application is to get developers involved on the ground level. Whether you are a 'bedroom developer' or already established, Intel is keen for you to download the code from GitHub (click the Source link) and get dug in. You can make big or small contributions, ranging from tweaks to entire new challenges using the free-to-use developer tools that are located at the appropriately named Intel Development Zone. Once you've immersed yourself in the app and coded your 'hack', you can submit it to the panel of Intel engineers who will inspect it and offer feedback. If your hack is successful, it will be included in version 2.0 of the application and your name and avatar will be included in the credits. Whilst there isn't a monetary prize, Intel believes that the act of participating in the applications development will help foster a camaraderie that will stand the developers in good stead.

Click the source below and you will be taken directly to Intel's Dev Story/ Hack The Code website. That is where you can garner further details about how to contribute, locate the link to GitHub where you can download the Open-Source code and also get access to developer tools and resources. It's really up to you to decide how much or how little you want to contribute. One thing for sure is that it looks like a great way to network with other talented developers and become involved in coding.

You can download the Dev Story/ Hack The Code application by clicking the Google Play link below and don't forget to let us know how you plan to contribute at our Google Plus page.



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