Intel Announces The Reference For Android Design Program To Make Building Android Devices Easier

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Intel understands a little bit about what it means to bring hardware to market. They have range of hardware inside a number of different products and they have emphasized that building hardware isn’t easy, in fact, they state that it’s fairly difficult until someone makes it easy, and proceeded to ask the question “what if Intel provided a solution to ease the process?” What we’re getting at here is that Intel has announced today that they will be upping the ante on Android and providing an Intel reference design for the Google owned operating system.

The goal is to make it simpler to bring Android devices to market that are based on Intel’s own architecture. This process will start with a single binary image for Android provided by Intel, which will seek to allow ODMs/OEMs to “select from a pre-qualified list of components or a complete BOM specification” so that ODM’s and OEMs can create, build, and ship their products out to market at a much faster pace. On top of helping manufacturers, Intel is also looking to help the end users, the consumers. With this announcement that they will be providing a reference design for Android based off Intel architecture, they have stated that they are committed to helping more users get the latest version of Android with all its benefits into their hands as quickly as possible.

To do this Intel is saying that they will make sure that any device that is built and shipped using the Intel Reference Design for Android Program will get a guaranteed update within two weeks after AOSP updates are released. The lack of speed at which the latest version of Android software hits the majority of devices is no secret, and Intel wants to help fast track that initiative. Intel is attempting to make it easier for manufacturers to get their devices out to users quicker, and they want to make it faster for users to get a hold of the latest Android versions as they are made available to the public. Intel notes that this is a big risk and a big investment, but they also attempt to reassure that making big investments in software is nothing new to them.