Infographic: 5 Unique Features of the Note Edge

Galaxy Note Edge 02

It’s almost a month since the Galaxy Note 4 and its unique sibling, the Note Edge were announced at the IFA in Berlin, and their international launch is fast approaching. On the one hand, the Note Edge with its curved screen on the right-hand side caught the interest of many of us, wondering if it is merely a gimmick that we will tire of soon after purchase. On the other, the curved screen could be just what the doctor ordered, adding new abilities to the core Note functions. To this end, Samsung have published this nifty little infographic (as seen below) to show people what the curved screen is all about.

Before we move on to the infographic, a brief refresher on the Note Edge specifications. Apart from the slightly smaller QHD Super-AMOLED screen (5.6-inch), a slightly smaller battery (3000mAh) and the curved edge, it carries the same hardware as the Note 4. This includes either the Snapdragon 805 Quad-Core CPU or Samsung’s proprietary Exynos Octa-Core processor depending where you live. 3GB of RAM is on multi-tasking duty and there’s 32GB of internal storage as standard with the option to augment this via the included Micro-SD card slot. Naturally, being a Galaxy Note device, the Edge handset has full S-Pen functionality. Further details on specifications can be found here.

This first ability that Samsung wants to draw your attention to is the ability to access frequently used app by adding them to the Quick Access function on the curved screen. The second function they boast about is being able to check you notifications while watching a video or using sat-nav. That looks to be an interesting feature, and one that will be handy for short messages. The third feature mentioned is being able to express yourself by personalising the edge. If you are the creative sort, this could mean adding your own drawings, images or texts to be viewed on the curved screen. Of course, you could be interested in sports or need access to live stock updates, and you can access this sort of information via the Ticker Board. By adding your favourite sports teams or stocks, you can keep an eye on them surreptitiously if you are in a meeting via the updates appearing on the curved display. Finally, one can access Quick Tools, which includes Timer, Stop Watch, Flash and Voice Recorder functions. There is even the ability to use the curved edge as a 10cm ruler. How cool is that?

Hopefully, Samsung can carry on bringing genuine new features to all of its many, many devices like it has done here with the Note Edge. It might not be every ones cup of tea, but at least the Note Edge shows that someone, somewhere in Samsung is willing to take the right kind of risks to further develop the Galaxy Note range. As always, let us know your thoughts on how to make the most use out of the Note Edge’s curved display at our Google Plus page.