Images Of HTC's Alleged Medical Devices Leak

HTC is well-known for making quality smartphones, their HTC One (M8) is truly a great device which not only brings great hardware, but a matching software as well. Its predecessor left a similar impression on most people who have used it as well. Unfortunately HTC is having financial issues despite making great phones and they simply have to find a way to get out of those. We've recently shared some rumors saying HTC will announce a new smartphone which will practically be the HTC One (M8) with a better camera. This device will allegedly be called HTC M8 Eye and will sport a 13MP DuoCamera. There's still no information whether the device will sport a 13MP UltraPixel camera or something else, all we know is that DuoCamera will be present, in other words the device will yet again have 2 rear-facing cameras one of which will be used for depth perception. This is a neat little trick by HTC, but most people are probably wondering if that 13MP camera will be the UltraPixel shooter, considering 4MP UltraPixel shooter used in the HTC One (M8) is great, though it could benefit from higher resolution photos for sure.

That being said, it seems HTC is looking outside of smartphones in order to get their finances back on track. We've recently seen some leaks they're preparing to launch a GoPro-like camera accessory and now we have something else for you which basically nobody expected. @upleaks shared six images which show off four different devices. This time around we're not talking about smartphones or camera accessories, these are medical devices, on the surprise of many (considering these rumors pan out of course). Tricorder blood system, Tricorder urine system, Tricorder scope system and Tricorder breath system are the devices in question. Tricorder naming might sound familiar if you've watched the Star Trek series / movies, we have no idea if this has anything to do with the naming of these devices but the Tricorder was used for health purposes in said series / movies. You can see the devices in action if you take a look at the images below, even the statistics on a smartphone screen are shown, the devices are connected to the HTC smartphone.

I have to be honest, these leaks are quite surprising. I doubt anyone out there actually expected HTC to make a camera accessory, let alone a bunch of medical accessories. None of this is confirmed yet, so keep that in mind, all we have to go on are these leaks. HTC is holding an event on October 8th and rumors say we'll see HTC M8 Eye unveiled at that event, we might see the camera accessory along with these medical devices showcased as well, who knows. What do you make of all this, do you believe this leaks at all?

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