Huawei Glory 6 To Become Tesla's Smartphone First Car Key

Huawei and Tesla don't exactly cover similar markets. Huawei is telecommunications equipment and services company which handles manufacturing of smartphones, tablets etc. while also building software for those devices. Tesla on the other hand builds electric cars. It seems like these companies will partner up though. A few days ago Huawei mentioned Tesla via their Chinese Weibo page, stating that something will happen in "seven days". This was quite the mystery considering we could only guess what's this all about. Now we have some more information when ti comes to this, let's see what's what.

Unnamed sources talked to Artesyn Technologies and revealed that Huawei and Tesla will hold a press conference in Shenzen this week, 18th to be more exact. The two companies will announce some sort of partnership and according to the information it will have something to do with the recently announced Huawei Glory 6 (also known as Honor 6) smartphone, at least partially. Tesla Model S's software has recently been upgraded to let smartphone become car keys (version 6.0), in other words you will be able to fire up Tesla Model S with your smartphone. We've also seen some leaks recently saying that the iPhone 5S will be able to do the same thing, I don't believe this has been announced at this point. This feature allegedly requires a fingerprint scan in order to function and both of these phones have fingerprint scanners on board. According to the source, This software is still in beta and according to the source Huawei Glory 6 smartphone will become Tesla's first commercial car key.

This sounds really interesting, ten years ago we could only dream of things like this and it seems this will become a reality soon. According to the source, the event will take place on September 18 in Shenzen as I already mentioned, that is only a few days away. Nothing is confirmed just yet, but if the rumor is to believed, we're about to see something really cool at that event. Would you like to unlock and start your car via your smartphone if given the option to do so? Do you think this is going to become a standard in the future?

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