HTC's Scribble Notebook App Has Been Published In The Play Store

Users of HTC's Scribble app are going to be happy about this. This morning HTC published the app to the Google Play Store allowing most One device owners to receive updates quicker. The app now being on the Google Play Store allows HTC to post the updates there, allowing users to simply update the app. Whereas before, the only way for HTC to update the app was to update the HTC phone software completely for a device. So as you can clearly see, this is a much better and simpler alternative.

For those of you out there who are not familiar with HTC's Scribble app, no worries, that's what we're for. Scribble is essentially a scrapbooking app that really shows-off some of the cooler features of HTC's Sense. Features like Zoe are really highlighted in the Scribble app. Some of the neat features included in Scribble are, the ability to keep track of a budget, the ability to take a photo from within the app itself, and last but not least, there are text and audio recordings as well as a variety of stickers that you can add to your Scribble project. It's just a well-rounded and more simple app to use.

Compared to other scrapbooking apps on Android HTC Scribble is one of the better ones, being much more simple and intuitive. If you are currently in the market for an app that will allow you to create some pretty cool digital scrapbooks as well as a few other cool things then this is your app, as long as you have an HTC One device that is.

Like we said at the beginning, the reason HTC did this is to allow for much easier and frequent updates. This is not the first System app that HTC has published to the Google Play Store for that reason and HTC is not the only manufacturer to do so either. If you own one of the HTC One devices then you should download the app from the Google Play Store, it's completely free. You can grab the app from the Google Play Store by clicking here.

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