HTC’s M8_EYE Said to be an M8 with 13MP Camera – No More Ultrapixels

September 26, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

We’ve heard this rumor before, but now it’s coming from another source. So now we have multiple sources claiming that the HTC M8_EYE is going to be a HTC One M8 but with a 13MP camera and no UltraPixel camera this time around. Which is definitely nice to have. The HTC M8_EYE is said to have everything the same as the M8, except for the better camera. Which was really the only thing we found wrong with the HTC One M8 earlier this year when it was announced and we reviewed the device. So it’s nice to see HTC fixing that camera business, but now we just need to get this one on all four carriers, which is the rumor.

HTC has put 13MP sensors in other phones they put out this year, including the HTC One Mini 2 and the HTC One Remix. As well as the HTC One E8 and the Butterfly 2 over in Japan. The HTC M8_EYE is said to be one of the products announced at their October 8th event in New York City, which we will be there to bring you all the details on the products that HTC announces. There is rumors stating that there is a HTC EYE (the Selfie phone) and the HTC M8_EYE. There’s also supposedly their GoPro style camera, and possibly a couple of tablets – not the Nexus 9 though.

As LlabTooFeR said, “Die Ultrapixels Die” We definitely agree man. While it was nice having the bigger pixels in the cameras on the M7 and M8, it would have been better to have a 8MP Ultrapixel camera or even a 13MP Ultrapixel camera. But a 4MP camera just isn’t good enough these days. And it looks like HTC finally figured that out. How many of you are excited to see what HTC has to show off in a couple weeks?