HTC Will Allegedly Launch A Rugged Camera Accessory At Their Upcoming October Event

HTC is holding a mysterious event on October 8 and most of us wonder what will they unveil there. Lately there's been a lot of talk about the HTC Android Wear smartwatch which I bet many of you would like to see launched, me included. Just image an Android Wear smartwatch with HTC One (both generations) build quality, beautiful metallic design all the way. I would love that considering only 1 smartwatch managed to impress me design-wise thus far. As I said, there's been a lot of talk about that smartwatch lately and some reports were claiming that it's not going to happen, others (more recent ones) claim it will...  we basically don't know what to believe at this point. Though if the latest report is to believed the smartwatch will launch in early 2015, which could mean it won't appear at this event in October. Unless HTC is going to unveil it on October 8 and put it on sale in early 2015, which could happen I guess. Either way, we're here to talk about something else that is rumored to appear at that event.

"EXCLUSIVE: HTC planning rugged camera that connects direct to phone: wide angle lens, BT, 16mp sensor. Can they compete w/@GoPro ?" is the latest tweet by Tim Culpan, Taipei-based tech journalist for Bloomberg. This is quite interesting, we haven't heard anything about camera accessories made by HTC, so it's kind of surprising. The tweet doesn't reveal all that much information about the accessory though, but it will be released at the October 8 event according to Culpan. He also teases video capabilities of this accessory it seems, considering he mentions "GoPro" camera. This actually reminds me of Sony's QX camera lenses, though I bet these products won't resemble Sony's products all that much. Either way, we'll find out soon if Mr. Clupan's info is accurate.

Does this sound interesting to you? What do you think HTC will unveil at their event, will we see only these accessories or maybe even HTC's Android Wear smartwatch? There's always a chance HTC might launch a high-end smartphone during the event as well, though I somehow doubt that. Who knows, maybe they announce One Max's successor or something like that.

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