HTC soon to announce VIP After-Care service in Taiwan

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Well, the IFA is looming, and that means leaks, leaks and more leaks before the opening day as manufacturers seek to gain an advantage over each other in the war to sell more devices. Here we have some news regarding HTC, with the Taiwanese handset maker being rumoured to announce a new VIP after-care service in its home market.

What will the new VIP after-care program offer? Well, earlier this year HTC brought their HTC Advantage program to the States, bringing a one-time offer to fix broken screens, provide free cloud storage and committing to bring Android updates to the purchased device for a 2 year period. This program was available free of charge to all HTC One, One Max and One Mini owners, and it would appear that HTC will offer some version of the HTC Advantage program to its local customers.  The announcement of the VIP after-care service by Jack Tong (President of HTC’s North Asia division) at HTC’s press conference on September 2, is expected to coincide with the Taiwanese launch of the 5-inch Butterfly 2 handset that is set to go sale soon after.

Like many mobile phone manufacturers, HTC has to try and offer more to the customer that has bought their device, by offering an after-care service, they will gain brand loyalty that will hopefully translate into further sales down the line. Brand loyalty can only be enhanced if HTC commits to a 2 year period of Android updates like it did in the States, understanding that most people can’t afford or justify buying a new handset just to move on to the newest version of Android. It can be so frustrating to buy a new phone on a service plan, only to find out that the manufacturer has ceased support for it, despite the handset being more than capable of handling it. This is a trap that HTC have fallen into previously, although most, if not all Android handset makers have skeletons in their closets when it comes to OS updates.

With it’s new VIP after care program (possibly based on the HTC Advantage Program) set to be announced on September 2 in its home country of Taiwan, where would you like to see HTC offer it next? And what would you like the after-care service to offer for your newly-bought HTC device? Let us know in the comments below or at our Google Plus page.