High-Priced Smartphones Will Disappear In The Future According To Motorola CEO


Low-cost devices are becoming more popular by the day. Meizu MX4 is a good example, a flagship device which has a rather affordable price. Actually many devices coming out of Asia are a good example, Xiaomi Redmi 1S is yet another great example. Statistics showed us that high-end smartphone market is relatively saturated and sales have been declining slowly when it comes to those devices. On the other hand, low-mid range phone sales have been through the roof lately, OEMs have been price-aware and have been manufacturing some really competitive devices for extremely affordable prices.

Motorola CEO, Rick Osterloh, seems to think that $600-700 phones will perish from the smartphone market in the coming years. Price is becoming more of an issue for consumers and it's no wonder quality affordable smartphones have been selling so well. I'm sure each one of you has a different opinion when ti comes to this subject though you can't deny the fact that affordable phone sales have been on the rise lately. This is of course market-dependant, but if we look at the whole thing globally then this is a fact.


I personally always consider the price of a smartphone before I buy it and am not one to buy something extremely expensive just because it's popular or something, I just look for what suits my needs. You might say I'm an Android purist, but Nexus devices have always fulfilled all my needs and have done so at rather affordable price points while offering me great performance. Asian, Indian and South American markets are huge and low-cost phones sell there the most, so it is no wonder low-cost phone sales have been on the rise lately.

We can talk statistics all we want but there's no use, people buy what they want / can afford and the three aforementioned markets have a great influence on global sales numbers for sure. I'd like to hear from you on this matter though, which device do you now carry and do you consider the price before you purchase a smartphone? Do you want to purchase something more expensive and you can't afford it or do you have just the phone you want?

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