Guitar Amp Maker Marshall Debuts New In-Ear Headphones

Marshall Mode Mode EQ

Marshall is a classic guitar amp maker, but did you know they also make headphones? They just announced two new sets of in-ear headphones called the Mode and Mode EQ at IFA 2014. The Mode and Mode EQ are supposed to offer “huge sound in a small package.” They have custom drivers to kick out loud sound without creating distortion, and a unique design that is supposed to keep the buds in your ears securely and still be really comfortable. The headset cord is a custom material and the plug is an L-shape plug. Both of those are designed to be really durable and last longer than on most other headsets. The Mode comes in black with white brass fittings, while the Mode EQ is a little nicer and comes in black with gol/brass fittings.

The Mode and Mode EQ both have a built-in microphone for phone calls and a clip to hold the mic in place. Buttons for answering and hanging up are there, too, and these buttons work to control volume and skip tracks while listening to music. The Mode EQ is a little bit of an upgrade over the Mode and features two EQ presets that you can toggle between. One preset is more bass-heavy, while the other is brighter and has stronger highs and mid-range sounds. The headset also comes with four different size sleeves for the buds so you can find the ones that fit your ears best.

You’ll know these are Marshall Headphones because they have the iconic Marshall ‘M’ in script on the ear cap. When they become available, the Mode headset will be priced at $69. The Mode EQ will cost $99. You can get them at the Marshall Headphones website and at retailers in the US, too.

I’m a guitar player, music lover, and a fan of Marshall amps. I think I’ll be checking these out. What about you?