Google Is Sending Chromebooks To College This Fall With The Lending Library

Google is making another big push for education in the Chrome department with their announcement of a new "Chromebook Lending library," that will be traveling across the U.S. to 12 different University campuses to assist students in checking out their first Chromebook for whatever their needs might be. During this time when the Lending Library shows up on campus, students will be able to check out the Chromebooks and test them out completely free of charge for the period of time that the library is there on site, where students can use them to study, browse the web, and get stuff done all without having to worry about losing important papers, schoolwork, and even music.

Google of course makes a joke that no official library card is actually needed here which might have been an obvious statement but it's kind of funny nonetheless. Google states that "The Chromebook Lending Library is traveling to 12 college campuses across the U.S. loaded with the latest Chromebooks. The Lending Library is a bit like your traditional library, but instead of books, we're letting students borrow Chromebooks (no library card needed). Students can use a Chromebook during the week for life on campus— whether it's in class, during an all-nighter, or browsing the internet in their dorm." This should make things quite a bit easier for some students who might have otherwise been doing schoolwork from campus library computers if they don't have one of their own, or since the Chromebooks can be used during class, students could use them to take notes and do whatever else they need to do.

Although Google won't be in each location longer than just a few days, that's a few days that students will get some extra tools to help them with classes and coursework, which isn't a bad deal. So far Google has a map showing 10 of the 12 planned campuses that they have already scheduled to tour during this Chromebook promotion, but they also state to check back for more listed campuses in the coming weeks, which means they might be heading to more than just 12 campuses and we imagine it all depends on how things go at other locations, or perhaps it just depends on time. You can check out the page with the map and details about Chromebooks going to college at the link below, but if you can't wait till the Lending Library hits your campus, you could always run into a local Best Buy and check out a Chromebook there too.

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