Google Renames All Of Its Enterprise Services As 'Google for Work'

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Google has renamed their enterprise arm as Google for Work, apparently deciding that this name will stick with businesses better than the previous “enterprise” tag. Google for Work’s president, Amit Singh, announced the change today. He said that this switch is much more than just a name change for the service. It’s going to bring about changes in “how we launch products and communicate new features.” All of the products that the division offers will have the “for Work” tag added to the end of their existing name, making the enterprise offerings for Google Apps, “Google Apps for Work”; Google Search, “Google Search for Work” and so on.

Google currently has both the Secret and Snapchat businesses hosted on their cloud platforms, a fact that Singh also made note of at the announcement. The cloud hosting side of Google for Work mainly competes with Amazon for business services that want cloud services. Singh said that Google’s business division is entering a new stage of growth that is very important to the company. Google has increased their internal funding for the division, as well as their overall investment and focus. The Google for Work team has grown from just 25 people to “thousands,” said Singh.

Google for Work has more than 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies paying them for some kind service. The services that they offer have a 95 percent customer satisfaction rating, and Singh says that “Google for Work better reflects the new market environment.” Google wants the Work division to continue to expand and grow.

The new Google for Work website is live now, with each of the services relabeled with the new “for Work” branding. Google for Work is hosting several events in the next month as well, including Google Apps and Google Drive focused live streams. On October 1 they are hosting the “Atmosphere Live” web event that is all about “new and better ways to work. Move faster. Work smarter. Collaborate better.”