Google Now Will Monitor Flight Price Changes For You With The New Flight Price Monitor Card

Since Google released its Google Now program we have seen some rather interesting developments. As you are probably aware Google Now uses 'cards' to provide users with various pieces of information. In brief, Google cards are small snippets of information which are presented on the Google Now page in a small card-like format. If using Google Now properly than Google uses the information from your phone, search history and third party apps to generate cards which it believes are relative and of interest to you specifically.

There seems to be a card for almost everything at the moment with new cards seemingly popping up all the time. The most basic cards offer information on the local weather, things to do, events and many other things. To add to this ever-growing list it now seems a new flight-price monitor card has started to appear on Now. At present, the details of the flight-tracker card (or even how to activate it) are limited. However, it is assumed that if you are searching for a flight via Google flights and don't book the flight, then Google Now makes a little note of your search and starts to monitor the flight price for you. It is presumed once the flight price changes (as they always do) the card appears and then provides the current price and also a comparison to the previous price. For instance, whether it has gone up recently or is currently cheaper. In addition to the main information like price fluctuation the card also gives you the option to continue receiving the flight price monitor card or to simply stop the monitoring with a click of the button.

It is not certain if the flight tracking feature will improve in time or for instance, be more compatible with third party flight comparison sites which would be a good addition. It would also be interesting to see if this works with other services like for hotels in a similar manner. Typical of Google cards in general we will probably just have to wait and see if it changes to know for sure. However, if you are planning a flight in the near future or are just simply interested in how it works then it might be worth heading over to Google flights and start price checking. Just remember to make sure your Google Now is switched on and permitted in settings to sync your information.


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