Google Nexus 9: Who Will Make it?

There haven't been a ton of leaks on the Nexus 9 just yet, but the leaks we have seen are pointing to HTC making it and throwing in an NVIDIA chipset inside. Which is according to a leak we saw from NVIDIA yesterday, which wasn't really a leak. But part of a lawsuit they are in right now. The Nexus 9 is supposedly going to be a 8.9-inch display and have a 4:3 aspect ratio, which will be different from other tablets, but it won't be the first as the iPad is 4:3 and Acer has made a few Iconia tablets with that aspect ratio. We are really looking forward to HTC making the Nexus 9 because HTC has amazing build quality, and imagine having Boomsound on a 9-inch tablet. It would be amazing right? Especially since Samsung moved the speaker son their tablets to the sides.

There's also been talk of a LG Nexus 9. But we don't have as much evidence about that as we do the fact that HTC is making it. I'd honestly, be perfectly fine with either companies making the next Nexus tablet. Both make amazing hardware, and it'll have Google's latest version of Android on top without any overlays anyways. And you'll be getting the latest version of Android straight from Google. It'll launch with Android L - which we are hearing will be called Android Lion.

We haven't heard any rumors about other OEMs making the Nexus 9, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a rumor of Samsung making it, as that seems to come out every year since the Nexus 10 was released. We likely won't get another Nexus 10, at least not this year, and the Nexus 9 or Nexus 8.9 will be the closest to the Nexus 10 that we'll get. How do you feel about a HTC Nexus 9? Let us know in the comments below.

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