Google Nexus 6 / X : Kit Kat or Android L?

Android L AH 18

Everyone is expecting Android L on the Nexus 6. And why wouldn’t they? Google has always launched a new version of Android on new hardware. Even dating back to the Nexus One all those years ago. So it’ll be hard to think that we’d see KitKat on the Nexus 6, it’ll likely be Android L, unless Google partners with another candy bar this year, rumor was Lion Bar, so we’ll see about that. Last year they partnered with Nestle for KitKat, so we could see the same thing for Android L. Of course, we also haven’t seen the new statue make it’s way into the Google lawn just yet. Which explains why we haven’t seen many leaks yet.

What do we expect to see in Android L? Well we are expecting to see a brand new UI with the Material Design which Matias Duarte has been working on for years. There’s also some new multi-tasking which includes your Chrome tabs. And a ton of other cool features. We broke most of them down during Google I/O earlier this year, and we’ll be doing it again when Android L becomes official. Because it’ll be more stable than it was at Google I/O seeing as that was a developer preview.

What do you want to see in Android L On the Nexus 6? Let us know in the comments below.