Google Maps Adds Nineteen More Countries To Its Ever Expanding Coverage


Where would be without Google Maps? Well, probably fine to be honest. The world seemed just as able in finding its way and navigating long before Google was around. In fact, if I am honest, even with Google Maps I seem to find myself even more lost these days. My phone seems to know where I'm going and how to get there, but even with the idiot-proof directions I have no actual bearings of where I am and totally reliant on following the blue line my phone displays. All in all I never seem to get where I am going any quicker than I did before the Google Maps era.

That said, it cannot be argued with that Google Maps is a great addition to the Google ecosystem. What's more, Maps seems to increasingly improve with the ability to cache maps offline, voice activation and not to mention it can extremely quickly tell me where the nearest bar is. What seems most impressive is its Worldwide (or at least almost) coverage. Google literally are trying their best to Map the entirety of the Globe. So now as well as finding my way to the nearest P.F. Chang's I can also quickly plan my route to the nearest takeaway in most countries. In fact, it now seems Google are not content with their current level of coverage and today have added another 19 countries to the Maps covered list. According to the list there are actually 20 added countries however they seem to be listing Trinidad and Tobago as one country for some reason.


Either way Google have added a whole bunch of new countries. The clear majority of the newly added countries are based in Africa, the Caribbean and Central/South America. The African countries added include Botswana, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia and Tanzania. The Caribbean and Americas counties include Bahamas, Bolivia, Guyana, Honduras, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago. Outside of these regions Google has also added Fiji, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Malta. So there you go. If you are a resident of (or planning a trip to) any of these countries you now have Google Maps to help you get lost, find your way or the nearest Starbucks. Either way get Mapping and get exploring.

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