Google Glass Explorers Will Soon Have 100 Glass Apps To Explore With


In spite of the device's extremely costly price tag and the controversy surrounding the futuristic glasses, Glass continues to attract attention and demand. Not long ago wearing hi-tech glasses in public would have certainly caused a few looks. However, in spite of the device not being highly prevalent (no actual public release) anyone wearing Glass now in public only attract looks of interest and maybe the odd question from interested people. Glass is quickly becoming a 'norm' in society which in itself seems rather weird. Although the smartwatch is the most sought after wearable of 2014, Glass certainly has become the most interesting. It also seems Google have some stiff competition in the glasses sector with both Samsung and HTC reportedly working on their own alternative Glasses.

In spite of 2014 being the year of the smartwatch, Glass is rising in terms of availability, visibility and general awareness. So much so that developers seem keen to jump on-board as early as possible and to make sure their products are part of the glassware market. 'Glassware' consists of apps and services specifically designed for Glass and according to Glass principles. Although the number of apps is still minimal (compared to smartphone apps) it does seem the selection of apps is rising. As of last week there were currently 88 apps available specifically for Glass and as such it will only be a matter of time before glassware passes its first milestone, 100 dedicated apps. Just as you would expect with smartphones with app variety comes some rather interesting additions. For instance, it is probably not a surprise to learn that Glass already has its own dedicated Social Media platform in 'Glossaic'. This app allows Glass users (Explorers as they are more commonly known) to share pictures and videos with only other Glass Explorers. If a device has internet then it must have YouTube and Glass is no exception. With 'ViewTube for Glass', Explorers can search YouTube using Glass and stream content directly on Glass.


With users referred to as Explorers it probably is also not a surprise to learn a lot of the newer apps involve some aspects of exploring like 'Trackendo' and 'What's Around'. Trackendo in short, tracks your Glass device and provides all the information an Explorer would expect like device location, longitude, latitude, street address and a time-stamping feature for stops you make while exploring. As the name suggests What's Around lets explorers know what is nearby including landmarks, places of interest and restaurants and of course, directions on how to get to them. So with glassware edging ever closer to the 100 app mark it seems Explorers are going to continually receive a varied and interesting selection of new apps to test on their unique technology. Any current Explorers out there? Have you tried any of the first 88 apps? What's your favourite? What app would you like to see coming to Glass? Let us know.

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