Google Drive Adds Elbow and Curved Connectors to Make Flowcharting Easier

Google has the power to do something wonderful for its ecosystem - it needs to have a team of programmers working intensely on Google Drive and Google Docs - we need an 'office suite.'  Oh, I know we have a spreadsheet (Sheets), a word processor (Docs), drawings and a power point (Slides), and while they are quite nice, they always leave me wanting more - like Microsoft Office.  Google needs to up their game in this area if they ever expect businesses to embrace Google completely and to start using Chrome as their default browser and Google Drive Apps for their main document creator.  They need to be more 'polished' programs and need to offer more features - and with MS Office becoming a cloud product, the time is right for Google to make their move.

We are glad to see that Google has announced that Slides and Drawings can now help you tell a visual story via flowcharts to explain what you want done in the form of a picture.  Businesses and supervisors love flowcharts and diagrams - a picture really is worth a thousand words.  Whenever businesses want to express a business procedure, many of the demonstrations are done with lines, arrows and boxed shapes...however, just as not everything is black and white, everything is also not straight.  There are many curves along the way and now with Google Drive Docs, you will be able to represent those by using elbow and curve connectors.

Google has made using the Elbow and Curved Connectors very easy to access.  You can either open up an existing Slide or Drawing or create a new one.  You simply go to the 'Insert' tab, then slide down to the 'Line' option, and a window will pop up with the Elbow Connector and Curve Connector listed with the other options.  Slide down on either one and click on it.  Your cursor will look like a '+' and you can click where you want to start, drag and click, and drag and click.  You can always reshape it later on, making it larger or smaller or any direction.

This is certainly an upgrade long over due - Google has the money and resources to make Google Drive Apps a first class operation - let's not give consumers or businesses any reason to look elsewhere.  Please hook up with us on our Google+ Page and let us know if you use Google Docs and if you would like to see more 'stuff' put into them - how many are getting disgusted with MS Office and are ready to commit to Google's 'Office' of always, we would love to hear from you.

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