Google Brings New 'Applause' Feature To Hangouts On Air For Charting Viewer Feedback

Think YouTube's thumbs up or thumbs down to 'like' or 'dislike' content, or the similar way you can let Pandora and Google Play Music know that you like or dislike a song. Google has introduced this same action into Hangouts On Air so that individuals who may be watching a live broadcast video session can give feedback on what they're watching. The new feature is called Applause and gives people that are conducting the live video broadcast another way to interact with the crowd they have tuning in. It's almost like the new age applause during a live talk show, for the technological modern age that we live in where live shows happen over the internet.

The feature is meant to help broadcasters view feedback, which can readily help them improve or tweak things about their broadcast that users may have not liked about it. On the flipside when going back and watching the Hangout On Air after the live session is over, the broadcaster can see where people Applauded with a thumbs up and continue to do the things that were working and garnered a positive response. Hangouts On Air has the potential to really help broadcasters drive their content forward by interacting with viewers through questions during the live session while also promoting other content like Social Feeds, websites, and products, and now Google has made it easier for those who use Hangouts On Air to see what viewers appreciate and what they don't.

If you use Hangouts On Air you'll now be able to see things charted in real time, and Google is so excited about adding this new feature that they're eager to know what broadcasters and viewers think, asking that they try it out during their next Hangout On Air and let them know. Does this new feature excite you and give you more cause to create more live content? Hangouts On Air was already a great tool to interact with users, and it seems to get better with each new feature add. If you create content for live Hangouts On Air, will you see yourself using this new tool to your advantage? What are your thoughts?

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