Glass Explorers Will Soon Be Able To Use CamFind To Grab Search Results By Taking Pictures

Google Glass is still a ways away from having the wealth of apps available for it that were hoping to receive, and those will probably come with time as more get added on a fairly regular basis. The issue is that things will still be a little slow rolling up until more people are able to pick it up, which we figure will be once it's final and out of beta. New apps are still coming out though even if they aren't at a rapid pace, and one of the latest apps to come to Google Glass comes from a company called Image Searcher, which has taken their CamFind application and created a version of it for Glass.

CamFind basically allows the users, in this case a Glass Explorer, to look at an image and have it be identified particularly quickly. The idea is not too unlike that of the way Google Image Search works, in that it lets you take a picture of something that leads to that picture being identified and receiving search results about the image, but the ability to use an app like CamFind without having to touch a thing makes things really easy and convenient, and a great way to get hands free information since you won't have to pull out your smartphone and use Google Image Search. Well, almost hands free, as you'll still have to be scrolling through results using the touch pad in the side of Glass, but you get the idea.

CamFind gets better though. As if taking pictures using your face worn computerized glasses to get search results wasn't enough, CamFind has an integrated crowd sourcing feature that lets users add in corrections to image search results, because let's face it, data isn't always correct. Searching for results is said to happen in a matter of about 12 seconds, but we'd wager that includes all the time it takes to snap the photo, and get the results for the search using CamFind, and not just the time it takes for the results to come through. The idea is something so simple and basic: "take a picture and get results without typing," yet it can provide endless bounds of convenience when you may not always have a moment to type something up and need information straight away. The access to the app is just as easy as the act of searching for information by taking pictures, as Glass Explorers have to simply state a phrase beginning with the typical "OK Google" command, followed by the question, "what do you see?" Simple right? The only unfortunate side of this that we can see is that CamFind for Glass is not yet available, but hopefully that changes very soon. You can check out the Android version of the app right now if you're curious to see how things work, and there's a short but sweet video just below to give you a more visual accounting of the process thanks to Venture Beat.

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