Freelancer, The Hire & Work Android App 2.0 Version Is Released

Advertisement is in the business of allowing employers and employees, or freelancers, to hook up with each other to accomplish projects or jobs.  The employer may need a job done or the freelancer may be looking for a job, and when they hook up, the magic can begin – visions of an employer can become the reality of a freelancer, and by that very nature both parties can benefit.  Employers can: Post Projects – Find Freelancers – and Manage their Projects.  Freelancers can: Explore Jobs – Bid on a Job – and Get Work.  The really exciting thing about the new Freelancer Hire & Work Android App 2.0 is that all of this can be done from your mobile device without ever having to touch a computer.  This frees you from the constraints of an office and allows you to conduct business on the go via your smartphone.

Potential employers will be able to post projects directly from their mobile device, review submissions and then award the project to the freelancer of their choice.  Once the job is awarded, the employer will be able to monitor and manage the project from their mobile device as well…whenever they want and wherever they are.  Freelancers can search through the thousands of new jobs that are posted daily, they can communicate with the poster, bid on a job and then accept the job from their mobile device.  Ilter Dumduz, Product Director for said:


"At, we aim to make our users truly 'free' – free from their desks and offices.  Imagine being in transit while posting a project on the Freelancer Android App and having the task underway before you reach your destination – it's the future of work…We want to give our users the same features they can find on our website,, in the convenience of their mobile phone. With the App, freelancers and employers are location-independent while working on great projects, and we're not stopping here – We will continuously add new features and functionality to our app."

Freelancer is constantly improving and updating their App based on user feedback, from both the employers and freelancers, always looking for ways to improve the communication between the users.  They recognize that working through strictly mobile devices is the wave of the future and Freelancer Hire & Work is proof that they are striving to meet that goal.  Please download the free app and give it a try and then hit us up on our Google+ Page and let us know what you think of the App and if you will continue to use it…as always, we would love to hear from you.