Following The Smartphone Bend Trend, Unbox Therapy Does A Bend Test On The HTC M8 And New Moto X

Let's start things off with saying that the fact that a smartphone bends, when it's not supposed to bend, is not necessarily a good thing for the image of your brand. That's entirely different than something like say, what LG did with the G Flex where they intentionally manufactured a phone that could bend or flex to some degree, which they ran extensive pressure tests on before launch. Bending your phone intentionally for whatever reason just because you want to show that it might hold up better than the iPhone 6 plus is wasteful. There are better things that could be done with an old device. Even if the goal isn't to get rid of it and bending the phone is simply for views and attention, that's even worse, and even more wasteful not only of a perfectly good device, but also of the time of the person doing such acts.

By now, most of you have probably heard all about the unfortunate "side effect" we'll call it, of the iPhone 6 plus bending while sitting in some people's pockets. After the first few instances having been reported of this happening to users, the issue kind of blew up and spurred a rather odd(and stupid)trend of bending other types of phones, just for the hell of it. While there are probably many people posting to social sites at this very moment their very own versions of smartphone bend sessions,()one YouTuber named Unbox Therapy goes through a handful of different devices and shows how much each one flexes.

While I don't agree with the way most people have been bending their devices just for kicks, this video is at least somewhat helpful as it provides some useful information, which is how much you might be able to expect your phone to flex if you're now worried about that issue coming up. That's the other side of this coin. These phones are being bent with a specific amount of pressure for testing, which is essentially something that the manufacturers might have done anyway. The interesting part about the phones that Unbox Therapy tested, is that the Moto X appears to not bend at all. It's a good bit of detail to have in your back pocket when looking at new devices to purchase if you're worried about damage now. Give the near 10 minute informative video a watch if you're curious, and here's to hoping the whole bendgate nonsense is put to rest sooner than later.

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