Flurry’s Survey Reveals That US Gamers Average Most Gaming Minutes A Day

September 19, 2014 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Google Play Store is home to many, many… many applications. A sizeable chunk of those belongs to games, which are becoming more and more popular on smartphone and tablets alike. No matter if you’re a heavy gamer or you tend to dabble in gaming here and there, I bet most of you have at least tried a game either on your or someone else’s smartphone or tablet. I belong in a latter category and play some light games here and there lately, not nearly as much as I played before. We have some interesting data for you, courtesy of analytics firm Flurry.

This firm has some stats for us based on data from 60,000 Android devices. The average Android gamer spends 37 minutes a day playing games on his / her’s smartphone or tablet and the company says that gamers in the US spend most time playing games, 51.8 minutes a day in average. US is followed by Germany (47.1 minutes), Russia (40.8 minutes) and Italy (38.5 minutes) according to Flurry’s data.  It turns out arcade and action games are most popular and they’re followed by casual games. The company said that German gamers average 66 monthly sessions in brain and puzzle games while Indian gamers average 68 monthly sessions in casino and card titles. This is some interesting data.

UK’s Internet Advertising Bureau also share some info earlier this week, they concentrated on British gaming habits. 54% of people surveyed said that smartphones are their favourite gaming platform, 51% of them mentioned computers as their main choice and 45% consoles (tablets were close fourth with 44%). The Top Grossing Apps chart on Android’s UK Google Play Store reveals that 28 out of 30 apps are games, WhatsApp and Sky Sports Mobile TV are the only non-gaming apps up there.

Gaming on Android is on the rise, as is on smartphone and tablet platforms in general, though that comes as no surprise. These devices are becoming more powerful with each iteration and that, of course, lets developers make some really cool games on mobile platforms. Are you a gamer? What is your favorite game or category of games?

Flurry's Android gaming survey