Featured: Top 10 Best Android Games – August 2014 Edition



Unpossible is an endless racer of sorts. There are multiple stages to play, each stage being a little more difficult than the last, however you can only play later stages after unlocking them. To do so you must last at least 60 seconds on the current(or first if you're just starting out)stage and avoid obstacles through all kinds of twists and turns. You'll have to twist around the track that you're racing on to dodge obstacles, and see how far you can go to get the highest score possible. Everything is dressed in a futuristic setting that is somewhat Tron like, and there are multiple modes to really test your skills once you think you've gotten the hang of things. You can pick up Unpossible for a mere $1.99 in the Play Store.

Deep Under The SkyDeep Under The Sky

We wrote about Deep Under The Sky yesterday, as it's the next action title from developer Sarah Northway who brought us Incredipede. This atmospheric action game with physics elements has you take on the roll of a jelly fish and you have to navigate your way through a vibrant underwater world on the planet Venus. There's tons of stuff to explore and you'll want to see everything you possibly can. There are 80 total levels of color splashed worlds to explore and the game controls for this physics title are as simple as one button, because there's only one button, the button to navigate your jelly fish. The game sounds easier than it is, but that gives it a challenge and if you want to see everything the planet has to offer you'll have to time your bursts just right. You can pick up Deep Under The Sky for just $2.99 on the Play Store.

Wan Nyan SlashWan Nyan Slash

Wan Nyan Slash is an endless runner/slasher game where you play the roles of both Wan and Nyan, the ninja slashing cats. As you run through the stage you'll have to drag your finger across the screen for Wan and Nyan so that you can dispatch your foes. As you get further in the level you'll encounter harder enemies, and they pop up more frequently. If you can master the art of Wan and Nyan's secret special moves however than you can do devastating combos to unleash the fury. There's Google Play Games support with achievements and leader boards, sharing scores through Facebook and Twitter, unlockable costumes for Wan and Nayn which provide you with special attributes, and the regions are randomly generated(including day and night times)each time you play so things don't get so boring. Wan Nyan Slash can be picked up for just $0.99 from the Play Store.


Dragon Quest IVDragon Quest IV

Square Enix's second popular title in the Dragon Quest franchise hit Android earlier this month. Dragon Quest IV follows up Dragon Quest VIII to give RPG fans over 40 hours of gameplay time, and one of the best and most epic stories of any old school JRPG. Dragon Quest IV offers up five totally unique stories all wrapped up into one huge adventure. Just like in Dragon Quest VIII, Dragon Quest IV lets you set your party members to automatic so they battle on their own. It also features the same 360 degree views, so you can spin the camera around to see all of the landscape. If you love RPG titles, this is a must have. It's a bit pricey at $14.99 but you can pick it up immediately on the Play Store.

Arcane SoulAH Arcane Soul

Arcane Soul was our game of the week this week, and for good reason. It's a sidescrolling action RPG hack and slash game, and while the storyline doesn't seem nearly as in depth as something like Zenonia, you'll be able to appreciate what it provides. The graphics are a wonderful mix of anime like style and hand drawn art, all rendered in beautiful HD at 60fps. There are three playable characters, with the male and female sowrdsman, and the archer. Upgrade your skills and your player stats, farm and collect items and different weapons, battle fierce enemies and play using the on screen touch controls or connect a gamepad. If you like hack and slash RPG titles, check out Arcane Soul. You can grab Arcane Soul for free in the Play Store.

Angel In DangerAngel In Danger

Angel In Danger is an artful and colorful arcade platformer with 4 amazing worlds filled with 24 levels. As the legend goes, the princess has been kidnapped,(the angel princess)and you, who are the ever heroic Angel boy must save her from the evil Lord Debol. Run and jump your way to victory through all the obstacles and dangers, engage in boss fights, and gain power-ups to help you along the way. The game might be a bit short, but that doesn't take away from the fun it seems. You can grab Angel In Danger for $0.99 from the Play Store.


Big Action Mega Fight!big action mega fight

If you like beat-em ups with tons of hilarity and lots of action, brawling and fist fighting, big action mega fight is the only game you need. Just as you'd expect there are tons of great little power-ups to enhance your fighting skills and abilities, which you'll need to assist you in pummeling your enemies in the face. Marvel at the gripping, intense, action filled story and then take the hurt to your foes. Upgrade your fighting skills in the gym, unlock awesome special attacks that will rain down pain like no other. Did we mention the super awesome soundtrack? If you're ready for a fight, you can grab Big Action Mega Fight! for $2.99 from the Play Store.

Fuhrer In LAFuhrer In LA

This app needs no explanation, only images need explain why this game is awesome and it's in the Top 10. The name itself adds a bit of detail as to why it was picked. If you hate to laugh, don't play this game. If you love smiling and laughter is your secret to a long and healthy life, you must check out Fuhrer in LA. It's a top down grindhouse style game, the graphics are nothing to impress but the commentary is absolutely hilarious and the actions in game are pretty fun. You thought Hitler was gone but you were wrong. The Nazi lord roams the streets of LA causing menace and havoc. You must help the Fuhrer escape from the confines of the Museum in LA where he was mistakenly placed after he was hidden by the nazis in his secret bunker during the war. You can grab Fuhrer In LA for $0.99 in the Play Store.

Adventure Time-Rock BanditsRock Bandits

Adventure Time Rock Bandits is the newest Adventure Time themed game from Cartoon Network. Help Finn and Jake rescue Marceline's stolen fans. Journey across the land Oooand battle your way through the Dark Forest. customize Finn's Sword and use it in pair with Jake's stretchy powers to battle the band. Also get a free comic with the game, because Adventure Time. If you absolutely love Adventure Time, grab this game at half off while you can. Adventure Time-Rock Bandits can be picked up for just $0.99 for a limited time from the Play Store.


DuetDuet (2)

This lovely little game popped up on Android via the Humble Mobile Bundle just before the SEGA bundle that is out currently, but it's also now available through the Play Store and is a complete steal if you like challenging arcade games with an atmospheric feel to them. Duet challenges you to control the orientation of two vessels,(red and blue)and you must control them while you progress further through each level, all the while dodging obstacles. The challenge is, both vessels are in complete sync with each other so if you turn the circle that they orbit to dodge an obstacle for one vessel, chances are your putting the other one in harms way. You'll have to be quick and think on your feet to spin the vessels back around and maneuver them to safety. There are eight total chapters, daily challenges for premium players,(one time buy in-app)and awesome hypnotic audio to keep you playing calm. You can grab Duet for free from the Play Store.