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Every single one of you reading this are probably using calculators. For most of you the pre-installed app on your phone is enough, if you don't use the good old fashioned calculator instead of an app of course. Though some of you either don't like the looks or the functionality of the app that comes with your phone and are maybe looking for something different looking or more functional. Well, here are our top 10 calculator apps for you to choose from, in no particular order though. Every single one of these apps has its own set of features and / or design, so pick the one that fits you most. Let's get started...


My Script Calculator

This app lets you use your handwriting in order to perform mathematical operations. The larger screen the better of course, it's a nice feature and it seemed appropriate to mention it first. The app supports scratch-out gestures so you can delete symbols and numbers, operates in both portrait and landscape while undo and redo functions are included. This calculator will do just fine if you need it for school or something similar, all the basic operators are included in the app. The app is free and it doesn't support in-app purchases, which is great.


RealCalc Scientific Calculator

RealCalc calculator comes in a form of a regular calculator on your smartphone / tablet screen. This is a scientific calculator and it does bake in basically everything you'll need to calculate. Features include traditional algebraic or RPN operations, unit conversions, percentages, 10 memories, trig functions and tons more. You can find a full list of features if you follow the link below. If you're looking to bring the look of your good old scientific calculator on your smartphone screen, this might be just the thing for you. The app is free and just like My Script Calculator, it doesn't support in-app purchases, though you can purchase RealCalc Plus if you want to support the developer and we suggest you do that. The app is truly great and if you need a great calculator with tons of options included you won't regret spending about $3 on it (talking about the "Plus" version).


Mobi Calculator

Just like RealCalc, this app comes in 2 versions, the completely free and a paid one. The paid one will set you back about $3, again, just like RealCalc. The similarities between the apps don't end there though, both pack in tons of options, though Mobi is a better designed application if you ask me. Paid (Pro) version will give you the ability to store records of the history (up to 1000, unlike 50 which the free version offers) and the ability to edit expression with up to 5 lines on the screen (unlike 3 which the free version supports). Additional themes are also included so you can make it look the way you want. This is one of my top picks actually, definitely recommend you try it out.


Easy Calculator Pro

You can get this app for free though it sports in-app purchases. It looks similar to the previous 2 listed although I'd argue both of those are better designed than this one. The navigation is rather simple though and this app packs a lot of punch. The app supports date and time functions and you have all the history of your calculations in one place. Features include memory feature, smart-button technology, engineer and scientific functions and so much more. You can see the full list (which is kind of long) if you follow the link above.


Calculator with Percent

This app will give you a short description if you visit its Google Play Store page "Mathematical calculator with percentages, memory, history, large digits and innovation continuous lighting buttons for avoid mistakes.". Though if you like a rather neon-like look and you need a good and reliable calculator on you at all times, this app might do. Big icons and the rather flashy look are not for everyone, but those of you who like that might find this app suitable. The app is completely free.


CALCU: The Ultimate Calculator

CALCU is one of the better designed calculators. I don't know where you stand when it comes to design, but I can't use an app if it looks horrible, no matter how many functions it packs. This is definitely one of the better looking calculator apps out there. The app lets you customize the keypad the way you want and you can change the theme of the app though the default one looks great. Features include gesture based control and navigation, calculation history, 2 keypad layout and more. The app also packs enough operations for most people and it is free though it sports in-app purchases.


handyCalc Calculator

handyCalc is an extremely capable calculator application, though its design is kind of obsolete. Some people seem to like it, though in my humble opinion the developer should really update the looks of it. The app however offers a lot of functionality and it even gives you automatic suggestions. The app is completely free and it will fulfill most people's calculator needs. The reviews have even surprised me when it comes to this app, it is really capable and people seem to like it.


Calculator ++

This application comes sporting a rather simplistic look, which many of you will appreciate I suppose, I know I did. The app is free though it offers in-app purchases and it does show ads, though they pop up only on secondary screens and if you're online. The app itself packs basically everything you need inside. Features include: variables and constants support, highlighting of expressions, supports Android 1.6+, history and many more. The app even offers a home screen widget if that's your thing.


Calculator (CyanogenMod)

You like simplicity? Well, then this is the calculator for you. It doesn't get more simple looking than this and operating the app is also quite simple. The app comes with a widget, a floating calculator and 7 alternative themes while it also supports Google Glass. The app also packs a lot of features inside which will serve you fine. It performs great as well. This is also one of these apps that I'd highly recommend if you're looking for a calculator app which looks and performs great.


Calculator Plus

This app comes sporting a rather pleasant design and is rather popular amongst users. It comes featuring big icons for those of you who love that, I'd actually give this to my mom to use. I had a great time using this app although it's not exactly for me, but it offers what most people need in a calculator though it's not the most packed app out there. All in all, this is the app I recommend to not exactly tech-savy people and even those who I know love apps designed this way. The app also supports a multi-window feature (select Samsung devices), just as an FYI. Navigating is easy and intuitive as well and the app will only cost you $0.99, which is not a lot for an app like this.

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