Featured: Top 10 Best Android Apps – August 2014 Edition


FragmentAH Fragment

We briefly wrote about Fragment back when it hit the Play Store. It's an app that allows you to bring a truly unique look to your photos taken with your smartphone, or pictures that are stored on your smartphone even if they were taken from another camera. It basically lets you grab or take an image, and apply cool prismatic affects to it and you can fragment the photo up and give it some artistic style. There is a large list of different things you can do to tweak your images, and there really isn't another app on Android that you can use to apply this type of style to your pics. If you like playing around with your photos and making them look more interesting and unique, check out Fragment. You can grab it for $1.99 in the Play Store.

TapPathTapPath Screenshot Highlights

TapPath is another one of those wonderful apps from developer Chris Lacy, if you're familiar with his work you might already use this app. Essentially it lets set up tap actions for clicking web links, so tapping once will let you open up the link in your chosen browser, but double or triple tapping the link can complete some other sort of action like opening up a completely different app. Want to send that link to pushbullet to share with friends or to Pocket to save it and read it for later? Simple, just set it up so that TapPath allows a double tap or a triple tap for either one of those actions. You can grab TapPath from the Play Store for just $0.99 if you find this to be as useful as we did.

Showear: Android Wear LockAH ShowerWear

This app just popped up today, but it is immediately worthy of being on this list. From personal experience with the Gear Live for about a month, this is an app that was sorely needed. Showear lets you set up either pattern or swipe lock screen sequences so you can only unlock your Android Wear watchface after performing the registered sequence. The initial idea seemed to be to give users a way to wear their watch while they take a shower but without the hassle of the water messing with your lock screen. It obviously provides much more of a benefit than that as it'll be useful in many other situations, but you get the idea. It has an opaque or transparent lockscreen, and it reduces the screen brightness to consume lower amounts of battery. Showear is free, so if you have an Android Wear smartwatch and were looking for a lockscreen app, check this one out by hitting the Play Store link.



Afterlight is another photo editing application and a popular one at that. Having been ported over from iOS after capturing the hearts of many users, Afterlight made its way to the Play Store. It boasts a simple design with "powerful and snappy" tools to help you create some really stunning pictures. It has 15 adjustment tools, 59 filters, 66 textures, and you can add frames from a selection of 77 different types and even crop and transform the image. There are lots of ways for you to make your image look unique, and if you want to give Afterlight a try you can grab it for $0.99 from the Play Store.


If you're familiar with meme's then you you're already familiar with the way that Over works for Android. It isn't essentially an app to make meme's but in the same fashion that you can add text to an image for an otherwise comedic purpose,thus creating a meme, Over lets you add text overlays on top of images to create stylish and fun images with simple quotes, inspiring mantras or anything else your creative little mind can come up with. The app provides you with tons of preset text styles that you can choose from, and you can add in quotes or other bits of text that are already included, or you can insert your own words and overlay the text on top of your images. Over doesn't just let you add in text though as it also lets you add in art overlays if you wish. If you want to give Over a try, you can grab it for $1.99 in the Play Store.


Eat24 lets you use your phone to do what you've always wanted. Feed yourself. You can use Eat24 to order food and have it delivered to your door, a nice little add to your app library if you're sick of having Pizza as the only delivery option where you live. The app supports over 1,500 different cities and over 25,000 different restaurants, and using Eat24 can earn you coupons to use next time which you can use to save money on future purchases. It also lets you use your digital currency to pay for food, giving you the option to use PayPal or Google Wallet. They say you eat with your eyes first, which Eat24 embraces completely by giving you large pictures of the food you so desire. You can even take things social and Tweet your meal so everyone knows how lucky you are that you can use this app. Eat24 is a free app of course, and you can grab it from the Play Store link.



Cloud storage has been one of the single greatest things to come to computers and mobile devices in the past decade, and there are many great services out there to help you manage all your files, send stuff to friends and family and keep backups of the stuff you find important. Sometimes though, if you're like a few of us at Android Headlines you might find it a little difficult to keep all those cloud storage accounts organized, this usually happens if you have more than one service, like Dropbox, Drive, Box, and maybe another. Unclouded helps you take control of your cloud storage and keep on top of your multiple cloud accounts with ease. Right now it supports just Drive and Dropbox, but Box and OneDrive accounts support is coming soon. You can use Unclouded to see which files and folders are taking up the most space, which categories you have the most of, know what has been changed and when, and search for things to make looking for specific files or folders as easy as can be. Unlcouded is free, and you can grab it from the Play Store link.


Staying fit can be a little difficult for some, and that is understandably so. NuMi is an app to help your reach your fitness goals, tackling one important piece of a few different factors to staying fit. While staying active is definitely important, often times a key detail to losing weight is diet, a factor that some don't realize is as important as it is. This is where NuMi can help, especially since it's backed by 40 plus years of Nutrisystem expertise. It curates specialized meal plans for you, gives you places to eat out with foods that are under 300 calories based off of GPS location so it can find things around you locally, and it prvoides users one-on-one live chat options if they need assistance with anything. The NuMi app is free to download, although it does require a paid membership. If you're interested in checking out NuMi you can grab it from the Play Store link.


NPR One is your personal curator for public radio, news, and stories. Listen to it virtually anywhere. You can share stories with friends and easily skip between, rewind or pause what you're listening to with ease. There's tons of public radio to listen to, but we know that nothing is quite like getting a taste of home from time to time, and the team behind NPR One knows that too which is why they've made it simple to access local radio as well. All your curated stuff is delivered to you daily, and content spans local, regional, national, and international so you can find exactly what you're looking for. Oh, it also now supports the Chromecast. NPR One is free, and you can grab the app from the Play Store link.



Laughter is the best medicine, or so they say. Joyride believes in this mantra to its fullest, and they aim to give users the best medicine at the start of every day if they wish. Joyride provides you with easy access to the funniest shows, comedians and stories anytime anywhere. You can listen where ever you feel comfortable, but one place Joyride focuses on is the ever dreaded morning commute to work. While the work itself may not cause any feelings of discontent, the commute can suck and we all know it. Make the commute better by giving yourself a laugh through Joyride. You can use Joyride to search for your favorite topic or person and listen instantly, and it supports 7 and 10 inch tablets as well as phones. Maybe you're not looking for a laugh but rather something inspiring, Joyride can help here too, as it gives you the ability to find and listen to the best motivational speakers. Joyride is free, and you can grab the app from the Play Store link.