Falcon Pro Developer Brings us Hacked, A Game for Programmers!

The developer of Falcon Pro has another new app on the horizon and this one is called Hacked. Have you ever seen a game where it's got you coding? Nope, didn't think so. That's what makes Hacked interesting and different from the million other games that are available on Android already. This game is built around a game programming language and a friendly code editor. You play the game by coding and running small programs. It actually sounds like a really fun game for a coder. And could probably help you become an even better programmer.

"Until today, coding on a smartphone was painful and boring. We wanted to change that. So we created a powerful yet simple language - H - along with a mobile friendly code editor - the Hackpad - taking full advantage of touch screens. And to make it fun, we built a game around it."

There are three modes in this game. Story, Freestyle and Challenge. Let's see what each one is.

" In the story mode, you play the role of a hacker who has to solve code problems to save the world." While The freestyle mode is the most versatile mode, in this mode, you can create your own games, publish them and play other hackers' games. Possibilities are endless in this mode. Show us what you can do!" And finally, "In the challenge you will be able to measure your coding skills against other hackers in fun game arenas. This mode will be available soon."

This is a beta game. So you'll need to join the Google+ community first before the game will appear in the Google Play Store. You can join the community here. It looks like they are approving people manually (as I still haven't been approved to join the community yet). How many of you are excited to check out Hacked? Let us know in the comments below.

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