Epic Arena For Android Gets First Major Update With New Content

The strategy game for Android called Epic Arena which launched earlier this year has gotten its first major update. The new content will see an upgrade of "epic" proportions that allows users to really hit their opponents where it hurts, on the battlefield. The game is touted by Shadow Masters(the game's developers)as a generous mix between a card game, a board game, and an online multiplayer battle with deck customization and strategic tactics needed to best your opponents. The graphics are 3D and provide a nice visual appeal, and combat is turn based giving you time to think out your moves for the perfect devastating next attack.

The experience with Epic Arena is also cross platform so gamers can truly play with anyone and anywhere. Gamers can choose to side with one of two opposing teams, and can choose to participate in either duel mode or blitz mode. The new content just released in the update today will bring already experienced fans of the game as well as newcomers, new daily quests to receive extra coins and experience while completing special tasks. Players will also be able to choose a deck for use during play. The ability complete decks during single player and choose the favorite among them for use in PvP battles should be a welcomed edition.

The team at Shadow Masters has also added in a new item that players can purchase in game, a power-up called the Spy-Glass. This consumable one-time use item can be used to peer into your opponents defenses during any game and see what they have hiding up their sleeve. With powerful decks and even more powerful strategic thinking, gamers can climb the ranks of the PvP leaderboards and become the strongest. Of course like any update, players can also expect some bug fixes that hopefully have squashed any problems that have been plaguing the gameplay experience for users. The update is live now so users can either update from the 'my apps' list or download the game for the first time if they're a new player. Epic Arena is free to play, and does include in-app-purchases.


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