Lenovo's Vibe X2 is a 5-inch Smartphone Designed with a 'Multi-Layer' Construction


Lenovo has already announced a new tablet to their Android lineup, and now they're adding to their mobile offerings with a pair of new smartphones. Here, we're talking about the Vibe X2, which has to be one of the more unique designs that Lenovo has announced in the past few years. The Vibe X2 is what Lenovo is calling the world's first multi-layered device and while the X2 sure looks like a premium device, it's still running a mid-range MediaTek CPU under the hood, but with some interesting design cues and great accessories, the X2 might be one of the more unique phones we see debut during this year's IFA conference.

Starting with the design of the X2, which Lenovo is particularly proud of, the Vibe X2 is built using a three-layer design that features a different gradient of the device's color. Speaking of which, the X2 will be available in white, red, gold and dark grey with accessories available in the same colors to match the overall style of the X2. Under-the-hood, we're looking at the MediaTek MT6595, with Lenovo claiming to be the first to use such a chip, the MT6595 supports 4G LTE and all 8 processing cores can be used at once here. There's 32GB of internal storage, a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera and a 5-megapixel wide-angle front-facing camera for those ever-important selfies. The front of the X2 is taken up by a Full HD 5-inch display and it's clear the X2 is more meant to be a fashionable device that has everyday mobile tasks covered.


Things get interesting with the 'fourth-layer' accessories that Lenovo are calling Vibe Xtensions for the X2. Both of these just snap on to the back of the X2 and give the device either more battery life or better-quality sound with a built-in kickstand, too. The battery case for the X2 adds an extra 5.1mm of thickness to the X2 and gives the device a further 75% or so of extra battery life. The Vibe X2 speaker case gives the device louder, better-quality sound and also adds a kickstand to the rear of the device for hands-free watching and for some reason also adds another microphone.

As for when you'll be able to get your hands on the Vibe X2, Lenovo has told us that the device will be hitting shelves in October, starting with China and then moving to the Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe and the Middle East in countries where "Lenovo smartphones are currently sold" and will cost $399 US when it launches this Fall.

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