Ebay Update Their Android App For Enhanced Buying And Selling

The world of Ebay. It's a wonderful little place where one can go and find just about anything their little heart desires even if it isn't available in stores. Once upon a time Ebay didn't have an Android app available and things weren't as great as they are now. That time has long since passed, and today Ebay has made some updates to their app that they say will further enhance the buying and selling experience from the app's interface. Using the webpage version of Ebay is familiar and quite easy so any improvements that can be made towards an app version of a service like Ebay are most welcomed. Let's get into the few key changes that have been made to the app for any of the users out there.

First things first, and especially so because it's what you'll probably notice as soon as you open up the application, Ebay has updated the styling of their app to house a fresh new UI design. Whether or not you absolutely loved the look before, things have changed and the new design should be a little more up to date. They have also noted that search results have been improved and images are now bigger than before so searching for the items you want should be an easier experience.

The app also now supports donating portions of your profits to charities(or all of them if you wish)from selling items on Ebay through the integrated Ebay Giving Works service. The option will be available to sellers upon listing something up for sale.Of course there is always usually improved performance with things like this(by this I mean updates to apps)so things should just generally feel smoother within the app. If you're a seller, another good feature that is focused on you is the opportunity to check a buyer's location when viewing a "Best Offer," and you can now also send payment reminders in case payments haven't yet been made after a sale is finished. "Ebay Now" is also integrated into version 2.7 of the app, which enables immediate and scheduled deliveries if in a supported location. The app update should already be live in the Play Store so if you have the Ebay app installed open up your my apps section and check it out.

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