Cyanogen Inc. Hires HTC US Product Manager Leigh Momii

Cyanogen Inc. seems to be on a role with the hiring process, as they have just picked up another person to become a member of the team that is currently working for HTC US. Product Manager Leigh Momii has three and a half years under her belt with HTC, and admittedly came on board because she loves the HTC product after having picked her very first HTC device, the HTC MyTouch. Although she says that she still feels a deep connection to HTC she admits to being happy and excited about her new challenge and opportunity.

Cyanogen Inc. has hired Momii on as the Product Evangelist, which is interesting because she started at HTC as a Developer Evangelist, a position not too unlike the one she will be taking on in the very near future. Evangelists are essentially PR people, although at the moment there are no details about what Momii's responsibilities will be. Whatever Cyanogen has planned though it seems to play directly into what they have been working on with device manufacturers for some time. It's amazing to have seen Cyanogen come from a small yet extremely popular aftermarket firmware to becoming the company that they are today, comprised of a large group of people doing what they love revolved around Android software development. We know Cyanogen Inc. is working on some other stuff as they had announced a partnership with a company called Nextbit not too long ago for "something really cool," and although Momii's position may not deal exclusively with that we have to wonder if she will play some part in it.

Leigh Momii's presence will surely be missed at HTC US, but she will be joining a good team of awesome people that have a vision to bring the Android ecosystem some really exciting stuff. As Cyanogen Inc. continues to grow, which they certainly appear to be doing, perhaps we'll end up seeing some more hardware stuff come through with them involved, something that is almost a sure bet considering they have already worked with Oppo and OnePlus. Momii plans to leave HTC starting this Friday, after which she will be joining the team at Cyanogen in Seattle, Washington. Momii is looking to bring her experience and expertise to Cyanogen to positively impact the industry and as she states, "most importantly, the customer." We definitely look forward to seeing what comes next.

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