CRTC Wireless Code Compliance Report Card – Rogers & Bell in Detention


The Canadian Government does not fool around when it comes to complying with their Code's tenets and just recently issued a Wireless Code Implementation Report Card after requesting every Canadian Telco to submit a compliance submissions report.  The vast majority of these orders were implemented: Improving the language of the contracts so subscribers could understand what they were agreeing to – Eliminating any cancellation fees after being with a carrier after 24 months…this eliminated those pesky three year contracts – Better communications with subscribers about changes in their contracts – Capping the data roaming charges and overages so that customers are not surprised by a huge bill – To provide phone unlocking at a reasonable price with a means to replace a lost or stolen devices – And to give ample notice before they disconnect any subscriber.

The Telcos were graded with a Check Mark if all service providers have implemented the Code.  A big fat "X" indicates which service providers still have policies that do not comply with the rules, but have indicated they are working on a solution. There were several 'Fs' or dings in the report card for both Bell and Rogers.


When it comes to complying with Trial Periods: "Bell is not fully compliant with the trial period requirement because its customers may be subject to a penalty if they return their device during the trial period.  Bell noted the changes could be in effect as early as October 19, 2014."

Rogers was hit in two areas – the first is under Bill Management, International Roaming Notification: "Rogers does not currently have processes in place to allow customers to opt out of receiving these roaming notifications.  Rogers noted that it is working on a solution and could have one as early as the end of 2014."

When it comes to Disconnection of Subscribers, under 'When Disconnection May Occur," Rogers received another "X" as they answered back: "Rogers indicated that it may disconnect customers between 6 a.m. and 2 a.m. (EST) instead of between 8a.m and 9p.m. local time (9a.m. and 5p.m. on weekends) as required.  Rogers has indicated that the changes could come into effect as early as October 2014."


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Canada Wireless Report Card

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