Cricket Adds Even More Data to their Plans, Making them a Very Viable Option for Prepaid

Cricket Wireless store Chicago Logan Square neighborhood

This morning, Cricket announced some very cool news. They are upping their data buckets for their Basic, Pro and Smart Plans. These are some really nice plans, although there’s no unlimited data option like you’d get from T-Mobile, they are still very competitive in my opinion. Lately, Cricket has really been stepping up their game in the prepaid space looking to gain some more customers and knock T-Mobile out of number one in prepaid. And they may very well do that here very soon. With Cricket being on AT&T’s network, they definitely have better service than T-Mobile. And with these plans it’ll be tough not to switch.

In addition to the $100 switcher credit they are offering T-Mobile customers – which is valid through October 19th – their new plans break down like this, beginning September 13th. Their Basic plan now gives you 1GB of high-speed data, an increase over 500MB for $40/month. Their Pro plan gives you 3GB of  high-speed data an increase from 2.5GB for $50/month, and their Smart plan gives you 10GB of high-speed data an increase from 5GB of high-speed data for $60/month. Now you can also knock off an extra $5/month if you do auto-pay.

“Cricket is offering more value to consumers nationwide,” said Cricket vice president and chief marketing officer Janna Ducich. “Customers are making the switch to Cricket for our reliable nationwide 4G LTE network, affordable prices with taxes and fees included, and rewards for their loyalty.  And now we are offering even more reason to switch, with unlimited plans featuring increased high-speed data allowances with no annual contract.”

It’s great to see Cricket really stepping up their plans and competing pretty hard with the likes of T-Mobile, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. It’s great to see some tough competition here, and it’s something that the wireless industry has needed for a while. So with that said. How many of you are tempted to switch over to Cricket when these new plans take place on September 13th? Let us know in the comments below.