Create Diseases And Off Patients In Dry Gin Studios Bio Inc.-Biomedical Plague

Usually when you think about medical simulation games and doctors, you think of helping people. That of course isn't always the case as proven by the ever popular Surgeon Simulator game that we finally saw make its way to Android last month. You'll get a similar dose of the feeling of power inside of Dry Gin Studios new game(new to Android at least)Bio Inc., where the main goal is to create and evolve the ultimate disease to basically kill off your patient. We realize the idea of this game might feel a little macabre, and perhaps the goal of the game might even come off as a little controversial to some, but it's all fun and games and really isn't any more controversial than some of the stuff that goes on in San Andreas which we saw get an Android release last year.

Bio Inc is a real time strategy game, and might best be compared to something like Plague Inc., where you have to complete a similar task although on a much more grand scale as you're attempting to create a virus that eventually kills off the entire planet. In Bio Inc. you'll begin with a healthy patient but than slowly and surely help your patient along into the arms of death. Creating the ultimate disease will prove to have its challenges, as the patients can recover but it'll be your job to make sure that doesn't happen.

Bio Inc boasts 100+ biomedical conditions, 12 different stages with multiple gameplay scenarios, and other cool features like real-time human body degradation. Dry Gin states that there are literally thousands of ways to play the game and we don't doubt that. We'll be diving into it and checking things out for ourselves later on of course as we were big fans of Plague Inc. and this plays out similarly. If you find the game too easy in the beginning you can change things up to a higher difficulty setting and really feed yourself a challenge. Gamers are to expect plenty of updates to keep the game new and fresh, and the devs are challenging players to attempt a successful completion of the impossible level setting to earn a place in the Hall of Fame list. Bio Inc. is free to play and you can grab it from the Play Store link if you're ready to do some damage.

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